tears about life. chapter 1 written by Akinbo Emmanuel O.

Alamu and Abike were both married, they hail from ogun, and were living in ibadan, Alamu! Who is working with the town postal service, wasn’t always at home, they gave birth to their first child and named her Enitan, she was a beautiful bouncing baby girl, neigbhours, families and friends came to give the couple gifts for their newly born baby girl, Alamu told his wife Abike that she must give birth to a girl when next she’s pregnant and Abike says yes to her darling husband.
Abike conceived again and after nine months she gave birth to another bouncing baby girl, she was named Florence, Alamu’s mother wasn’t happy with this and called her son to ask why his wife gave birth to another girl, she told her son to marry another wife that will give birth to a male child, because Alamu must have a male child compulsorily. Abike who has been loved by all family members of her husband suddenly noticed that changes is beginning to happen, her husband doesn’t love her that much again, Abike wasn’t happy and she will weep from morning to night.
Enitan and florence were both great kids bestowed to the family by God, they were sharp, and brilliant, enitan was enrolled to a nearby school where she’s doing wonderfully well, as at this time Florence was three years old, Abike conceived one more time, she prayed fervently to God for a male child, Alamu will call her and tell her that the baby in her womb must be a male child, yes baale mi, will be the response of Abike,
Abike was also keen on having a male child too, on the ninth month of her pregnancy, On a cloudy night, Alamu has gone to tour from his work, Abike and her two daughters Enitan And Florence finished eating Amala lafun, they sat ouside to look at the stars and also the sky, Abike was telling her daughters stories, oh what a good mother Abike is, suddenly she started feeling uncomfortable, she quickly stood and took her daughters inside, she told them to sleep that she’s coming, Abike went to meet a neigbhour named Iya Nafisa, she told her how she’s feeling and told her that it seems the baby is coming, Iya Nafisa on hearing this quickly take her to the hospital, she gave birth that night….hmmmmnnn,,,she indeed really gave birth but something happen…..what? Stay tuned readers….comment pls.

Akinbo Emmanuel Olamide. prolific writer..


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