Wow,,,thank God it’s monday says Henry as he wokeup from sleep, still in bed mum called, Henry breakfast is ready!!
He jumped out of bed and quickly run to the bathroom where he brush his tooth one by one,,amazed says Henry, so I can brush my tooth one after the other without having to brush the whole teeth together, he took his bathe and went straight to his room.
Mum I’m ready,where’s my food says Henry in a loud voice, it’s on the dining table says Mrs. Caroline, Henry quickly run to the Dining table and met his food, he started eating,suddenly he stopped, he went out and find his Dad igniting the engine of their old volkswagen tortoise look car.
Dad!!!! Called Henry,,,where are we going today, knowing very well that whenever dad is warming the car very early in the morning, they must be going to somewhere,
We’re going to the bank Henry, replied Mr. Gongotiri.
Hmmmnnn!!! Bank? I’ve been longing for that a long time dad says Henry whose mood has changed. I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy, was the song Henry sang as he was going inside.
Henry!! Called mrs. Caroline, what’s the matter? Why are you happy? We’re going to the bank replied Henry.
In bank, I’ll see so many things mum, things we’ve been thaught by our teachers in school.
What? Asked Henrys mother, many things mum, replied Henry, I’ll see money,different kind of people, computers, foreign currency, and everything mum.
Henry was full of happiness, his mum knowing this quickly get him dressed in another clothe and told him to be a good boy so that he can also work in a bank.
Yes mum says henry as he nodded his head.
Mr Gongotiri came inside and saw his wife with their only son, he laughed and called henry that it’s time for them to go.
At that time it is exactly 10:00a.m, Henrys school is on Holiday, so he’s got the whole day to him for anything.
Gbauuu,,was the sound as Henry closed the door of the car.
Take your seatbelt says Mr. Gongotiri, why dad? Asked Henry, I don’t like it, I don’t want to use it, each time I use it it’s like I’m in bondage….
Oh Son, it’s for protection against accident, replied Henrys dad.
Ok Dad says Henry whose now reliefed and happy.
Dad are we truely going to the bank? Asked Henry, Yes son replied his father as he ignite the car.
Henry sigh and nodded his head. The car started moving and Henry was more than happy.

Akinbo Emmanuel Olamide. prolific writer..


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