Oh, it’s still 3:00a.m, says Zuli as he opened his eyes and look at the wall clock,
I’m not gonna sleep again, I can’t wait to get to work this morning was the word that was coming out of his mouth as he rose to switch on the lamp beside him.
He woke up and never sleep till the dew started dropping, oh the weather is changing says Zuli as he opened the window to look outside, he saw trace of light and hear sounds of cars.
It’s morning, it’s morning, it’s morning, shouted Zuli who’s happy as he rushed into the bathroom.
The shower wouldn’t work, he was sad again, he rushed down to the tap downstairs to fetch water, he quickly rushed upstair to take his bathe.
He took his bathe and get dressed,
Oh…exclaimed Zuli, it’s time to go to work!!!!!
Knowing fully well that today is the day to be paid his first salary as a worker.
Taxi, taxi, taxi, no taxi was ready to carry him as they’ve been fully loaded with passengers,
Zuli wasn’t happy at the look of things,
At first, he said to himself, I’ll treck to office, then later he told himself, I can’t do that,I’ll rather keep calling.
Finally there came a taxi, Zuli called and the taxi waited, He board the taxi and the taxi started moving.
Gosh!!! Laments Zuli as the red light was switch on, he glanced through his wristwatch and alas it was 7:30a.m,
The green light was on again and the car keeps moving, Zuli who was sitting at the back looked ouside from one of the window and saw a boutique where different kinds of clothe were hanged, on the front door of the boutique was written “your salary won’t go home with you”
Haaa!!!!!exclaimed Zuli as he shouted, the driver was shocked and asked him why he Exclaimed, Zuli knowing fully well what happened said there’s nothing wrong with him, for some minutes he was thinking about what he saw.
I can’t go to that boutique says Zuli, they’ll take away all my salary, no,no,no,
Not me, I can’t,
He take a look at his wristwatch once again and the time was 7:45a.m,
Driver called Zuli, I’ll alight at the next bus stop as he reached out his hand into his poscket to give the driver his T.fare
Oh NO,,,,NOT AGAIN, says Zuli as he pull out his hand from his pocket,
What happened sir? Says the driver,
Zuli knowing fully well that the money wasn’t in his pocket told the driver he mistakenly wear a trouser he ought not to have wore, he begged the driver to come back for his money at 4:00p.m later that day after showing him where he works, and showing the driver his ID card too…….
At last I’m here, I’ll collect my fist salary says Zuli as he headed towards the white skyscrapper…..
He entered and saw the security men, good morning says Zuli who has never greeted them before throughout his previous days in the company, good morning sir replied the security men.
They were amazed to see mr. Zuu as he was being called by his coworkers greet them.
He rushed into the building to board the next elevator to his office which is 20th floor…..
To be continued…

Akinbo Emmanuel Olamide. prolific writer..


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